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People: *try accusing me of being part of the illuminati*

Me: △

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1000 games of dota!

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so, some little póser tagged me in this thing….PETER!

Rule 1: Always post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

Peter’s questions

1. Favorite mythical creature?

This is a tie between a vampire and a skeleton

2. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Mastery over an element, most preferably water or fire.

3. Outrageous thing you hope to own in the future?

A home in which i have a bookshelf that acts as a secret door to a nerf armory.

4. Longest amount of time you’ve continuously stayed awake?

about 104 hours

5. Favorite cartoon?

I’m assuming anime doesn’t count, so Angry Beavers.

6. What’s something you’ve said you’ve done, but actually havent?

Knocked out my neighbor with homemade anesthetics

7. How many Bionicles did/do you own?

More than I can fit in 2 boxes.

8. How cool are skeletons?

Are you seriously bringing the radocity of skeletons into question?

9. Favorite Pokemon?


10. Best dollar you ever spent?

I can’t tell if this is best purchase or literally something costing one dollar, so im assuming the latter; A hiei action figure (from yuyu hakusho) thing from the dollar store in my old town.

11. How’d you sleep last night?

Who the hell sleeps?

My questions

1. If you were part of a DnD party, what class would you be and why?

2. Jackie Chan?

3. Name 3 good reasons why you shouldn’t invest in radioactive waste management.

4. Worst life decision?

5. What can you create?

6. Favorite Anime?

7. Have you ever went fast?

8. Can you play any instruments?

9. Soon?

10. Favorite video game?

11. Favorite fictional character?

Have fun. nerds: teenage-mutant-ninja-squirrels meowsicbox hangman-hooded thesleepyheadhero tumblindownahill theanswerisalwaysdandelion snaditude timavery meradinpirates dragynfyre mattymiller

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

You know what they say, first thing to do when there are toxic gases in the area is get naked.

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sneaking into the kitchen at 3am like


i hope we have some got damn juicy juice boy shit i am thirsty as a mother fucker

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